Getting the Nerd’s Eye View on Some Great Movies

Posted: June 24, 2014 in Movies

Reese’s Pieces (E.T.)

Poster Posse member Andy Fairhurst delights in capturing “The Nerd’s Eye View” of all the movies he cares to illustrate.  Seeing the bigger picture from far away is something God does.  If God is the biggest nerd, well then that is just an extra delight.

The Great Nerdist apparently delights in E.T., Labrynith and Back to the Future.  All great choices if looking for the universal view.

This fascination for seeing things from the top has been with Fairhurst ever since his Godzilla illustrations and Star Wars phase.  All can be seen after.

Until the next series comes along, celebrate this delightful artist’s new vision.

You can find more Fairhurst art at his deviant art page.

You Remind Me of the Babe (Labrynith)

88 MPH (Back to the Future)

Godzilla 2014


Endor (Return of the Jedi) 

Hoth (The Empire Strikes Back) 


Tatooine (Star Wars) 

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