Super Villains Make For the Smoothest Pop Stars

Posted: June 26, 2014 in Movies

The joker sings The Dream Which Is Dying

“Inspired by the Joker of Batman fame.  Also inspired by the awesome and totally tubular 1980′s.  And neon, also inspired by neon”.– Rocky Davies

There is a certain bit of irony and justice in these 80’s style album covers of villains turned pop stars. They are all bad boys.  They certainly rock the 80’s style look and most definitely would kill the rendition of the feature song.  Evil or hip they be jammin’. 

Rocky Davies (previously seen on MP in Evan Lee’s post of Superheroes as kids portraits:,manual#!4gjvG) is responsible for this cool bit of fan art.  

You can find more of Rocky Davies’ art on his DeviantArt page.  

Artist quotes are from Davies’ blog site.  

Shredder Sings I Want to Know What Love Is

I Want to Know What Love Is. I want you to show me. While I was drawing this piece, I imagined Shredder alone in the Technodrome playing this song and reconsidering his life of crime and vengeance. What if he had just left Hamato Yoshi and Teng Shen alone?
Then Rocksteady walks in and Oroku snaps back to reality and orders a hit on Splinter.

Dr. Doom Sings Deal With It

I decided to make a fake 1980′s Dr. Doom LP record album cover.  Yeah, its pretty much “just because I could.”  Haha.  I thought it would be fun to try and replicate the old 80′s art feel.  They had all this shiny airbrush chrome and junk.  You know, like Doom tried to do some good PR and produce an upbeat pop album.  It has hits like “Latveria, Why Latveria?” and “Doom Done Did It Again” and “Four Coffins” and “Chrome Dome”.  Personally I like the album’s namesake “Deal With It.”

The Alien Xenomorph Sings It Ain’t Personal

I’ve always loved the design of the Alien Xenomorph, who doesn’t?  They are liars!  One of the best creature designs in history.  I decided to rework my old age of nerd panel into an epic 1980′s album art tribute parody.  I’m sure it would have gone triple platinum.

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