The Secret Life of Heroes, Villains, Princesses and Some Disney Characters

Posted: June 26, 2014 in Movies



Near greatness in fan art is an oft far away goal, but I would say the artist known as the Electric Graphical Gamer (French digital designer Greg Guillemin) comes pretty close.  Random illustrations of famous superheroes and other characters have the power to shock when doing non-heroic every day life chores:  going to the bathroom, having sex, smoking, taking drugs, even brushing their teeth, eating, drinking or goofing off via selfie or photo booth exposure.  It forces you to think about all the white spaces and dropped scenes between panels where ir-reality clashes with reality.  It forces you to reconcile their “pixel”-ness  with the natural and mechanical world we all live in.  Put the characters together like a flip book and the disconnect becomes even more comic and surreal.

In an interview with ( Guillemin talks about his inspiration for “The Secret Life of Superheroes”:

It has to start with the desire to erotic images in the mind pop … only in all my work, I always wanted to play with my audiences. When I realized my first images in this mind, I thought Ok, graphically it works, but so what? I had the idea to drag superheroes in these scenes. And there it was the revelation: we had never seen these characters in scenes as mundane!

Because ultimately, it is their humanity that makes them much more acceptable today. There has to watch their progress. For example, Tim Burton’s Batman was a character completely disconnected from reality. If we take the Nolan’s one is anything else, he has a case of consience, he is more human. This is the case of all the Marvel Ultimate series.
Same thing if you look at the last born of Super Heroes. There has to see Kick Ass 🙂

I want them to ask questions, they say Shit, I did not see things like that and they themselves continue the story …

There is a specific reason he adopted Electric Graphical Gamer as his nom d’art:

I do not consider myself a real artist, but rather as a creative designer because I play above all with the feelings that my work generates and not with my own feelings …

You can find more of Guillemin art at his website.






































































































































  1. hybridZone says:

    Daredevil using an eyedrop is hilarious

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