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Now These Are Power Rangers!

Posted: July 29, 2014 in Movies

The new Power Rangers reboot is still in early development, but I hope they hire this talented artist to do some of the concept art design.  Isaiah Stephens is an Massachusetts based designer responsible for this fan fantasy.  Check out his other works, including his incredible pencil sketches at his deviantart page:


Daddy’s Little Super-heroine

Posted: July 29, 2014 in Movies

In the world of super-cute nothing exceeds having your baby girl being a side point in nearly every blockbuster picture of the last five years. Winter is the girl and Grant Davis (BaronVonGrant at is the doting Daddy. Hopefully, 25 years on, Winter is still loving her daddy for these.

Have you ever stared for hours at that landscape painting above your grandparents sofa wondering if it could get any more boring. All that peace and stillness, that calm needs some now-ness, some prankster hipness, a little shot of surreal cinema, maybe a little sci-fi vibe.

David Irvine has done something to bring dull thrift store art to vibrant life and into the modern world. He has “redirected” some of those painting with a shot of movie and game pop. This is no mere cut and paste, Photoshop job. Irvine takes actual brushes, oils and paints and creates his figures into the canvass using the same technique that the original artists used, creating his own naturalism, pointillism, impressionistic homages. Some like the zombies walking a blast out factory landscape are weirdly apropos. Others like the Bambi and Thumper under a TP’ed tree in the forest slightly miss. All are not your grandparents art.

You can see more of Irvine’s art at his site.

Ok, this is probably the weirdest movie/movie star fetish site I have ever come across. The tumbler site pinup-rdj ( is devoted entirely to depicting RDJ in various famous pinup girl poses. It is quite funny and often seriously, seriously weird. This is taking the idea of “girly man” a little too far. If you subscribe to this tumblr page, please don’t let anyone know.

Via Geek Tyrant

The Empire (aka Star Wars Rebels Marketing Department) in an attempt to win the hearts and minds of the citizens of Lothal has decreed that every denizen proudly display these propaganda posters.

The missive that was handed out on the last day of SDCC 2014 demands:

Citizens of Lothal:
It is by Imperial Decree that you are requested to proudly display these posters on behalf of your Empire. As loyal residents of one of the Empire’s most vital stations on the Outer Rim, your compliance is appreciated. Imperial Service is a noble endeavor which paves the way for your freedom and security.
Remember, it is the will of Emperor Palpatine to ensure the future of a stable and prosperous galaxy.


Disney Goes Steampunk

Posted: July 27, 2014 in Movies

To my knowledge the only Disney animated movie that had Steampunk elements as a part of the plot was Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Disney fan art is quickly filling the void.

A few months back Bjorn Hurri (,manual#!boc9wd) delivered a convincingly magic Star Wars universe.

Now digital artist Mecanique Fairy ( is making it her quest to paint the Disney universe in steam mechanics. The villains seem to make a better transition than the princesses. There must be something about evil that makes it a better “retro”-fit.






Captain Hook



Dark Wing Duck

Evil Queen




Jack and Sally


King Triton

Lilo and Stitch



Mickey and Minnie

Mr. Incredible




Queen of Hearts




Snow White





Nothing Like Superheroes in Love

Posted: July 26, 2014 in Movies

Spiderman and Black Cat

Singapore digital artist Rudy Ao series Superheroes in Love truly soars. Whether it is earth-bound (Ant Man and Wasp), cosmic (Archangel and Phoenix), secret (Gambit and Rogue), steamy jungle heat (Hawkeye and Mockingbird), airy (Hawkman and Hawkgirl), slightly S/M (The Vision and Scarlet Witch) or beastly (Wolverine and Psylocke), love gets more than one’s spider senses a tingling (Spiderman and Black Cat).

Ant Man and Wasp

Archangel and Phoenix

Gambit and Rogue

Hawkeye and Mockingbird

Hawkman and Hawkgirl

Spiderman and Black Cat

The Vision and Scarlet Witch

Wolverine and Psylocke