If These ‘Bad Boys Club’ Logos Were Real They’d Be the Most Awesome Biker Gangs in the Universe

Posted: August 12, 2014 in Movies

Star Wars Bad Boys Biker Logo

One of the privileges of being a super villain is that they always have the most bad ass logos. Digital artist Josh Lane has taken the idea one step further and has created some genuinely fear inspiring Biker Logos for their armies of evil.

If they ever remake The Warriors (about a gang having to fight other gangs trying to get back home) these Hells Angels should definitely be featured in the lineup. Do it right and it could be the Divine Comedy of our time. The good versus evil metaphor are limitless and deep.

For more of Josh Lane’s art go to http://society6.com/artist/joshln.

Futurama Bad Boys Biker Club

Maters of the Universe Bad Boys Biker Club

Planet of the Apes Bad Boys Bikers Club

Snow Monsters Bad Boys Biker Club

Star Trek Bad Boys Bikers Club

Star Wars Bad Boys Bikers Club

The Gangs of New York Bad Boys Bikers Club

The X-Men Bad Boys Bikers Club

TNMT Bad Boys Bikers Club

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