The Art Posters of Rich Kelly Gets Everything Right About the Movies

Posted: August 31, 2014 in Movies


Alternative Movie Posters: Film Art from the Underground

Rich Kelly’s art sheets encapsulate everything a great alternate art poster should do. They tell the story, the style and the theme of a movie in a way that is powerful and original while still displaying an artist’s identifiable style.

12 Years a Slave achieves its haunting ambiguity by showing slavery and its imaginative release in Solomon Northup tools of his pre-slave trade–a violin slowly grinding away at the chains of his captivity. The mud of the mundane world gets reflected and transformed in the pool of imagination that is a symbolic representation of Hushpuppy’s child-like mind. The same for the snake slithering from a street that creates the great childhood battle on the Kings of Summer sheet. The single rays of sunshine that spotlight Llewyn Davis on his street walk are oblivious to the pedestrians walking around him in the Inside Llewyn Davis poster.

Every one of them calls you to see the movies again with new eyes.

Like many other artists before him, Kelly got his start doing album covers, particularly for the Dave Matthews Band. You can find those and other Kelly art at

12 Years a Slave

A Piece of the Action

Attack Position

Beasts of the Southern Wild

Breaking Bad

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Django Unchained

Down By Law

Escape From the Planet of the Apes

Ghost Busters

Hard Eight

Inside Llewyn Davis

Kings of Summer

Son of Frankenstein

The Place Beyond the Pines

The Sword in the Stone

Wild at Heart

Crazy 4 Cult: Cult Movie Art 2

Crazy 4 Cult: Cult Movie Art

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