MGM and Fox Home Entertainment Redo 13 Classic Horror Posters for Their Blu-Ray Reissues

Posted: September 12, 2014 in Movies


MGM and Fox Entertainment are getting an early start on Halloween by reissuing 13 of their horror classics. The films are just $5- $9 and can be found at all major retailers (Target, Best Buy, Walmart mainly). Each DVD features limited edition art commissioned by the folks over at Skuzzle (the place for limited edition cult decor) that was created by Gary Pulin, Jason Edmiston, Todd Slater, Randy Ortiz, Josh Budich, Justin Osborne, Paul Shipper, Gregorz Domaradzki “Gabz”, Francesco Francavilla– a good representation of the art gang known as the Poster Posse.

Artists quotes come from Skuzzle page.

Ghoulish Gary Pulin

“There’s a lot of ways you can go with a movie like Carrie but I wanted to focus on the intensity of the final scene and her rage filled eyes (if you look close they are fire balls). The silhouette of the knife is a nod to her insane mother and the control she’s unable to keep over her.”

Ghoulish Gary Pulin

“I just really went down the rabbit hole playing up different variables with the windows and the passage way to hell they find in the basement, but I’m happy with the graphic, iconic approach we landed on for the cover. When I reversed the shot of the house into the white negative space, it’s features of it really seemed to jump out. I knew I wanted to do something with the flies as well, so it seemed to make sense that they make up the portrait of James Brolin, as he goes through a transformation from good natured to an evil presence throughout the film.”

Ghoulish Gary Pulin

This was a silk-screened poster I had created with Skuzzles previously and I’m really excited to see it become the face for an official release of the film. I hope I made Stiles proud.

Get it here: Teen Wolf / Halloween


Jason Edmiston

“For my Child’s Play art, I wanted to show Chucky’s maniacal character, at the pinnacle of his power. I love the black magic quality of the movie, and tried to capture the killer doll in mid-chant, surrounded by crazy voodoo lightning, He scared me when I first saw this movie as a teen, and I wanted my cover art to evoke the same feeling. Most of the Child’s play art is dark, with a black background. I thought my brightly lit piece would stand out from previous iterations.”

Jason Edmiston

Randy Ortiz

“…I wanted to go a more symbolic route and have it be clean and classy.”

Todd Slater

“What if the pod with the flower was shaped similar to a sternum in a ribcage (it’s really close now) and the white tendrils expand and extend from the pod to form more of the ribs and skeleton? The background could be deep dark outer space. My thought is that *the pods are building a new you*.

Dan Mumford

“… I found the scene where Mari walks into the water to be quite haunting and probably the most pivotal moment, so i worked from that and created quite a haunting still moment based around the lake she walks into. We also have two of the murderers standing there and her necklace dangling down with the smallest hint of blood red seeping through.”

Francesco Francavilla

Paul Shipper

Justin Osborne

Grzegorz Domaradzki “Gabz”


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