Spoke Art Tribute Deconstructs Stanley Kubrick Movies

Posted: September 13, 2014 in Movies

Guillaume Morellec<br>"BORN TO FILM"
Guillaume Morellec

Spoke Art Galllery in San Francisco is holding an exhibition of artists commissioned to explore the works of Stanley Kubrick. The shows runs through September 27th.

Kubrick only made 13 feature length films in his lifetime. Nine of those are represented in the show: Lolita, The Shining, 2001: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, Barry Lyndon, Eyes Wide Shut, Dr. Strangelove, Full Metal Jacket and an early, little seen Kubrick effort, Killer’s Kiss.

The un-produced and un-filmed epic Napoleon gets a nod, in a piece from Fernando Reza that looks backwards at history while looking forward to the incomplete vision.

Brian Methe’s Stanley Kubrick Moon Landing even pokes fun at the urban legend that Kubrick was responsible for all that great Apollo lunar stomping footage.

Two under represented films get the best work. Veronica’s Fish Killer’s Kiss not only homages Kubrick cinema but Alfred Hitchcock’s oeuvre also. Barry Lydnon gets absolutely two stunning and haunting portraits from Mandy Tsung and Megan Stratman.

The neglect for early Kubrick is rather sad. No Paths of Glory, Spartacus, The Killing or Fear and Desire.

My personal favorites cover the whole crazy Kubrick quilt. Guillaume Morellec’s
Born to Film equates the idea of war as hell and film-making as the same into one shell-shocked portrait of the Master. Christine Hostelter’s Alex Vs Alex plays with the idea of the delinquent Alex from A Clock Work Orange intimidating his passive and future reformed self. Jayde Fish’s Nasty Bits of Ultra-violence layers Picasso’s Guernica and its statement on war onto all of the ultra-violence of existance filtered through the 3D of heightened reality. Johanah O’ Donnell’s I Think We’re Awake Now heightens a portrait of Nicole Kidman into a hard scrabble, existentially weary countenance of sad and harsh reality. Jonathan Wayshaki’s Alex portrait manages to brush in every apt reference from other Kubrick masterpieces.

Jessica Deahl – “My Little Lolita”

Traci Ching

Aaron Jasinski- A Great Big Dollar Sign fora Heart

Adam Maida

Alex R. Kirzhner- I Was Cured All Right

Anarkitty- Born to Kill

Audrey Pongracz- Beyond

Bartosz Kosowa

Brian Methe- Stanley Kubrick Moon Landing

Calvin Wong

Chris Skinner- Space Station 5

Christine Hostelter- Alex Vs Alex

Christine Hostelter- Ludwig Van Looks On

Crowded Teeth- Human Error

Cuddly Rigor Mortis- I’m Not Gonna Hurt Ya

Cuyler Smith- Private Leonard “Gomer Pyle” Lawrence

Dave McDowell- Come Play With Stanley

Dave Moscatti

Dick White- Dick Hallorann

Doug La Rocca- Wanted:Ultraviolence

Eiko Ojala

Epyon 5- All Work and No Play

Fernando Reza

Fernando Reza- Jupiter and Beyond Infinite

Reza- I Wish I Had One of Those Doomsday Machines

Geoff Trrapp- Jack

Irma Rivera- Wendy

Ivonna Buenrostro- I’m Not So Bad Brother

Jayde Fish- Nasty Bits of Ultraviolence

Jesse Riggle- 2001 Happy Hour

Joemur- Minotaur

Johanah O’ Donnell- I Think We’re Awake Now

John Wentz

Jonathan Wayshaki

Joshua Budich- Daisy

Just Van Genderen- Fullest Possible Use

Kate Copeland

Kate Zambrano- Viddy Well

Mandy Tsung- Lady Lyndon

Mandy Tsung- Eyes Wide Shut

Megan Stratman- Lady Honoria

Michael Ramstead- Jack

Nan Lawson- Wendy

New Flesh- Winters Can Be Fantastically Cruel

Nicole Gustafsson- Some Shine and Some Don’t

Rhys Cooper- Moon Watcher

Rhys Cooper- Cordova Milk

Robert Wilson- I’m Afraid Dave

Sam Gilbey- We Were Afraid of a Doomsfay Gap

Sam Ho- Stop, Dave

Sam Smith

Sam Smith- Dr. Strangelove

Sandi Calistro- Wendy Torrance

Sarah Jones- Lolita

Steve Yamane- Sprocket Rocket

Thomas Walker- Bread Crumbs

Thomas Walker- Strangelove/Mandrake/Muffley

Tim Doyle- Death of the Author

Tim Jordan- Grady Twins

Traci Ching

Van Orton Design

Van Orton Design

Van Orton Design

Veronica Fish- Killer’s Kiss

William Arvin

Stanley Kubrick: The Masterpiece Collection Amazon Exclusive (Blu-ray)

Stanley Kubrick: The Essential Collection

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