Disney Princesses Themed Tarot Cards

Posted: November 5, 2014 in Movies



I wanted to make sure that I represented many of the Disney heroines that resembled traits in the cards, and not just the standard princesses. Eilonwy was chosen because she was the first princess I could remember that used magic in her own right, making her a perfect stand in for the traditional “Magician” card of the Tarot. I also want to make sure that I incorporate elements from the original card into the pieces. The infinity symbol is important to the traditional “Magician” card. Instead of the Magician’s wand I gave Eilonwy her magic ball because that was how she practiced her magic. Across the deck, I’m hoping to keep a similar grouping of colors and a unified palette so hopefully it works.

The typical Tarot deck has 78 cards, usually broken into a Major Arcana of 22 cards and a Minor Arcana of 56. Deviant Artist Suisei-Ojii-Sama (AKA Julian Rivera) has set about to redraw all 78 cards using Disney Princesses and Villains. Here are the first four offerings featuring Kaga, Snow White, Elionwy and Ariel. I predict a future of better images to come.

Artist’s quotes are from Suisei-Ojii-Sama deviant art page.


‘The Empress’ card has associations with Venus (both the goddess and the planet) and I wanted to get an indirect feel to iconic ‘Birth of Venus’ paintings but still have this look like a picture of Ariel. I got the body pose from the ‘Birth of Venus’ painting by Fritz Zuber-Buhler and I wanted Ariel’s train to fan out in the shape of a scallop shell like the Boticelli painting. I also had to add a dingglehopper because reasons. ‘The Empress’ card also deals with ‘The Mother’, and since Ariel is our first princess to have a princess of her own she felt perfect for this.

Snow White

First in the set in the traditional Tarot is “The Fool”, which I’ve read symbolizes the beginning of a journey and also the trait of openness. I feel that Snow White has a very definite journey narrative for the heroine. Also, her trusting nature may get her into some trouble but she still approaches the world with an open heart and spirit. I don’t consider her a fool, so that is why I’ve changed the name to “La Chercheur” or “The Seeker”.


I went back and forth a bit as to who could represent the High Priestess in this deck but after reflecting that the card dealt with “otherworldliness” and “mystical vision”, Kida seemed like a no brainer. Also, her connections to Atlantis and the history of her people make her an ideal candidate for this. I think this was the first card that the restricted color palette started to get a little difficult since it is so dark but I am glad with the way it turned out. I just keep getting more excited as I churn more and more of these out!


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