16th Century Meets Modern Superheroes

Posted: November 18, 2014 in Movies


French photographer, Sacha Goldberger one day decided to take a quantum leap. Goldberger made his career in fashion and commercial photography. Yet, inside he wanted to be a superhero– or at least photograph them.

Goldberger, like most French, has a fascination with American cultural icons and movies.

His first toe dip into quasi-superhero cultural art came with his Mamika series. Goldberger would photograph his mother wearing the fashion of American movie pop, sporting anti-hero attitude and occasionally adopting a superhero power like flight. Along with the Clint Eastwood parodies or photos of his mom in a Green Bay Packers Uniform, Goldberger would mix in an occasional shot of Mamika in a generic superhero costume doing things grandmothers would normally do: take the kids for a stroll in the park, shop, cook, all while displaying one or more super powers.

Most of the photos used the lighting and painting effects of the 16th century Flemish masters– particularly Van Eyck. The portraits were bathed in bright light competing with dark shadow. It was an attempt to repatriate American new world culture into the history of Old World/European art.

Mamika had several gallery exhibits around the world and produced a best selling European art book.

Super Flemish, currently on world tour, is a more overt attempt to merge New World and Old World, pop art with high art.

The project took Goldberger two years to complete. A year-and-a-half went towards preparation and the rest for retouching and creating prints. Twelve people were involved with the make-up, hair and special effects. Five costume designers made outfits specifically for this occasion.

“Lots of the job was done before and during the shoot,” says Goldberger, ” in an interview mymodernnet.com. Pierrick and Sebastian, my digital retouchers, helped me to get the precision and the perfection I was looking for in this series.”

“All of it was incredible, it was like a dream come true,” he said. “When you see the Hulk in front of you and you ask him to look romantic, it’s crazy. The Joker was also very impressive. He endured three hours of make-up and started to act like Heath Ledger in the movie, The Dark Knight.”

Bat Man

Captain America

Cat Woman


Darth Vader


Iron Man

Princess Leia



Sith Lord

Snow White

Spider Man

Super Man

The Joker

Wonder Woman

Masterpieces in Detail: Early Netherlandish Art from van Eyck to Bosch

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