Google This: 70% of All Moviegoers Never Have a Specific Movie in Mind When Buying a Ticket

Posted: November 20, 2014 in Movies

The average MoviePilot reader and creator represents only about 11% of all movie ticket audiences. According to an infographic released by Google and Millward Brown Digital (ABOVE) those who read and write movie blogs and religiously go to movies once a month only compose 1 in 10 fannies watching a film in a theater.

Interestingly enough, 68% percent (or 228.7 million) of all US and Canadians go see at least one film a year.

So how does the average moviegoer decide what film to see? Most moviegoers put three or four films they want to see on a mental wish list. The deciding factor in most cases: the most convenient start time.

The pre-theater decision making process does involve a lot of research. A little more than 75% use YouTube to watch trailers and get basic plot and cast info. A good movie trailer can bring in up to 39% of any given theater audience. That’s 3X times any other source. A great cast and a friend’s opinion persuade only 11% and 8% of moviegoers respectively.

Other deciding factors are the genre of the film. Folks with a flair for drama lean towards plot. Comedians are swayed by the cast. Gore Hounds go for the most convenient show times. Parents with kids are swayed by movie reviews, particularly thumbs up. Action Miesters go mostly by the director of the film.

For the advertisers and their commercials we all so love to watch it makes for an easier pitch. Dramatics are susceptible to other movie ads, online shopping and apparel advertising. Comedians are drawn to computer games, offbeat artsy stuff and soccer gear advertising. Horror-ifics are enthralled by offers involving consumer electronics, skate sports and soccer stuff. Parents and their kids like being enticed by comics, online shopping, apparel and weirdly enough listening to movie soundtracks, probably mostly Disney animated features. Action Jackson’s perk up with martial arts, home and garden and humor ads. The Big Franchise crowd goes for comics, crime and justice and martial arts.

Do you agree or disagree with these findings? Where do you fit into the movie going spectrum? Let me know in the comments.


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