Other Concept Artists Concept Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Posted: December 8, 2014 in Movies

It has been close to a week since the release of the first Star Wars: the Force Awakens trailer. A flood of great fan art has hit the internet as anyone with talent and a Jedi interest has given their own view of the small revealed world J. J. Abrams chooses to let us see. So far we have seen and imagined what all the fans have in their heads but almost nothing from the artists who draw and create whole worlds for a living: the concept artists themselves.

Fan art usually precedes greater art by a shadow’s length of time. It is as if the better artist needs a chance to see the variations before they shape and draw their worlds, before commitment to pen, ink, pencil, canvas or pixels yields to permanence. The concept artist lives in the grit and reality of their dreams.

Where the fan artist is content to sketch the clouds, the concept artist needs to know to the utmost degree the physicality of this imagined space. Like God, the concept artist knows and can count every hair on a characters head, how strong the wind blows, which way the sun shines to create dawn and night, how best to draw a falling sparrow, a star fighter, a star ship, or a death/life star.

Presented here are 37 who dare to know Star Wars very well. A few have drawn the force for profit, but most presented here haven’t. They have done other fantasy games, video games or other big film pieces. All of them have created a world worth viewing, imagining and visiting over and over again.

Alex Charleux

Alex Chen

Amy Beth Christenson

Anthony Eftekhari

Anthony Jones

Billy George

Bjorn Hurri

Bobby Pontillas

Brenoch Adams

Bruno Werneck

Carlos NCT

Chris Rosewarne

Cristi Balenescu

Daryl Mandryk

David Palumbo

Dermot Powers

Furio Tedeschi

Gary Jamroz

Guillaume Menuel

Gustavo Mendonca and Colin Fix

Izzy Medrano

James Zapata

Jan Urschel

Joshua James Shaw

Kai Carpenter

kevin Demunyck

Lori Wood

Mark Molnar

Michael Pasquale

Michael Pedro

Michael Lisowski

Mikael Leger

Pat Presley

Ryan Church

Simon Goinard

Stephen Chang

Tara Rueping

Via: Concept Art World

Star Wars: The Ultimate Visual Guide: Updated and Expanded

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