The Perfect Xmas Gift for the Well-Heeled Frozen Fan

Posted: December 9, 2014 in Movies

trt0wbrjencax48x6lzcFrozen Calendar from Ginza Tanaka of Japan

When it comes to the movie Frozen (or even Frozen 2 )Japan can’t seem to thaw its obsession with all things Anna, Elsa, Olaf and company. The film has grossed over $249 million, dwarfing its nearest rival Toho Studios Stand by Me Doraemon which earned $79 million. It was number one in the island nation’s box office for more than 15 straight weeks. Over 60% percent of Frozen‘s 2013 world wide box office is Japanese, a staggering number. The average Japanese film-goer has seen Frozen three times. It has even caused one divorce when one clueless husband tired of his wife’s Elsa obsession dared to mention openly that he found Frozen, uh-hum, very frozen as a film.

Ginza Tanaka, a Japanese high-end retailer, has decided to woo the deep pocketed Frozen fanatic with an offer that is too good to “let it go.” They are making available for pre-order at a cost of 100 million Yen ($850,000 U.S.) a Frozen calendar featuring Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff and Hans that is made of pure platinum. This officially licensed Disney product is a huge 30″ X 20″ and weighs a hefty 22 pounds.

For the less well pocketed collector Tanaka is offering two smaller and considerably less expensive collectibles. The first has only 5 grams of platinum and sells for 60,000 Yen ($500 U.S.). The other has 1 gram of platinum and sells 16,000 Yen ($130.00 U.S.).

The company’s last ultra high-end collectible was a solid gold Godzilla statue, commemorating the kaijus big screen 50th anniversary. It sold for 150 million yen ($1.47 million U.S.)



Disney Frozen Complete Story Playset

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