These Posters for Chappie Reach a Whole New Level of Consciousness

Posted: February 18, 2015 in Movies


When Chappie, the latest film from Neil Blomkamp (District 9, Elysium) coming out March 6th, starts to get a community art project from the Poster Posse, you know its a sign that the first event film of the year has arrived.

There is something about this robot built from mismatched contiguous pieces of clinking clanking junk that resonates with this artist coalition.

Perhaps it is the way this scrap bucket bucket of a movie built from recycled A.I. movie plots and themes resonates with the various artistic styles that make up the Poster Posse?

Maybe it is because Chappie was raised by a local gang? Like them, a gang of no goods and outcasts who find the chance in this little naive box of bolts (or brushes and pixels in the Poster Posse case) to be the good father they never had and do the good works that their talents can let them achieve.

Hey, art is to a certain extent about seeing and presenting old things in new ways.

No one complained but everyone cried, when Steven Spielberg essentially did the same thing with E.T.

The Poster Posse released this project in two phases. All of the art is combined in the collection below.

Andy Fairhurst

Arian Novier

Ben McLeod

Ben Whitesell

Brian Taylor AKA CandyKiller

Daniel Nash

Fernando Reza

John Hughes

Kaz Oomori

Kaz Oomori Japanese Variant

Laurie Greasley “Public Trust”

Luke Butland

Luke Butland (Variant)

Matt Needle

Orlando Arocena

Rich Davies

Salvadore Anguiano Overdrive Edition

Salvador Anguiano

Sam Ho

Simon Delart

Stephen Sampson AKA The Dark Inker

Tim Anderson

Chappie Theatrical Poster

Via Poster Posse

indexChappie: The Art of the Movie

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