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Hunger Names.

Of the several “Hunger Games” name generators this is the most amusing. Scroll through the list and pick the name and death that suits you best. Post the results here or come up with your own name and means of execution.

I am Flickering Imagus and was a District 12 Tribute who died when I followed a holographic Avatar Navi off a cliff dive.

The Pirate Bay, the Swedish torrent and file sharing site known for its disregard for international copyright laws, is taking to the skies to avoid being held criminally or civilly liable for any copyright infringement.  The self-proclaimed “galaxy’s most resilient bit-torrent site” wants to launch a series of GPS-controlled low orbit drones over international waters, reasoning that nothing of this world is subject to the laws of any country.  The group (non-trademark logo not withstanding)  obviously has vetoed the idea of a pirate ship sailing international waters because  legal niceties demand a vessel be registered to a country and fly its flag.  Also, if murder, mayhem and other general mischief common to a pirate ship should occur, arraignment is in the country of vessel registration.  Anti-drone countermeasures from the MPAA such as launching missiles or trying to jam instruments with other drones would “be a real act of war”,  according to a blog post on The Pirate Bay website.  The group has moved its servers several times and is hoping that this continually evasive strategy would offer a permanently impermanent solution.

Sure Kermit got his star in 2002 but the rest of the Muppet gang has never been given the honor.  Today the anton fleece composed critters became the 2466th star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame and only the 15th fictional characters and the fourth ensemble after the Munchkins, The Simpsons and The Rugrats.   All I can say it is about time!


The Sundem/Tierney Unified Celebrity Theory predicts the probability of celebrity marriages breaking up. After five years of celebrity data behind it the theorem developed by New York Times writer John Tierney and Garth Sundem author of “Geek Logic” (which developed formulas for those annoying every day life decisions) correctly predicted Demi-Ashton, Pam Anderson-Kid Rock, Jessica Simpson-Kevin Federline break ups. The long-term predicted successes: Brad-Angelina, Jennifer Garner-Ben Affleck and his buddy Matt-Damon-Luciano Barraso. The only notable miss– Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. The new formula replaces Google hits with mentions in The New York Times divided by mentions in The National Enquirer. The biggest predictor for marriage success– the fame of the woman and the ratio of good/bad mentions.

An alternate Mardi Gras parade organization, or krewe to use the local New Orléans slang, known as The Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus composed of ” the most revelrous of Star Wars Freaks, Trekkies, Whovians, Mega-Geeks, Circuit Benders, Cryptozooligists, UFO Conspiracy Theorists, Mad Scientists, and all the rest of Super Nerdom” (according to the group’s web page) is getting the attention of float builders and Fat Tuesday costume aficionados. The krewe’s simple and enormously appealing Mardi Gras formula: Bacchanalian Revelry + Sci Fi = BacchanALIENS.  And you need not be a Wookie to join.  The open source group is downloadable and subscribeable for the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe perfect price of $42.00 a year. This year’s TIKC parade theme is “Chewbaccalypse” and bans only floats displaying unicorns, elves and whinebots.

A Valentine to Valentine Titles:

For Better or Worse: A Valentine from the Heart.

Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown; Shirley Valentine;
Stacey Valentine; Private Valentine: Blonde and Dangerous;
Jimmy Valentine; Charlie Valentine;
Be My Valentine, Franny Canada; Dana Valentine;
Dr. Valentine; Lionel Valentine;
And- Winnie the Pooh: A Valentine for You;
Even you- “Who Killed Simone Valentine?”
And- The Sinful Nuns of Saint Valentine.

Before you I was a:
Tragic Valentine; The Bad Valentine;
The Mysterious Mr. Valentine; Deadpan Valentine;
A Gloomy Valentine; The Lost Valentine;
The Old Maid’s Valentine;
A Blue Valentine; Bloody Valentine;
The Caveman’s Valentine; a- Hospital Massacre
AKA Be My Valentine or Else; Ghost of Valentine.

With you I’m a:
A Flip Loose Valentine; A Valentine Haircut;
Funny Valentine; Sweet Valentine; Sugar Valentine;
A Valentine Carol; Doggone Valentine; Valentine Man;
Valentine Magic on Love Island; A Valentine Voyage on the Love Boat.

My Smurfy Valentine; My Pixie Valentine;
The Valentine Girl; The Girl Next Door;
My Zombie Valentine;
Every Day is Valentine; Valentine Days;
Valentine Park; The Colour of Valentine;
The Christmas Valentine;
The Muppets Valentine Show;
A Special Valentine with the Family Circus.

Be My Valentine;
Be My Valentine;
Be My Valentine, Love Barney.

The Folks at Funny or Die Video have engaged the comic talent of “The Artist” star and Academy Best Actor Nominee Jean Dujardin in these spoofs on sequelitis and post-Oscar nomination career effects. This just begs for a longer trailer-like parody pitting Nicolas Cage, the man who wants to be every hero against Dujardin, the man who wants to be every villain. I wouldn’t be surprised if some penny pinching studio head finds a way to make it digitally happen. Just double-click the Dujardin picture and enjoy!