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The Comedy is a drama about being stupid, depressed, rich and bored.   To its credit its first trailer proudly touts its negative reviews, a form of truth in advertising and a bit of reverse psychology.  Let me add my own negative review:  “The Comedy is the first movie that made me want to sit through Dumb and Dumber more and morer”.  Let me hear your bad reviews.

The Sapphires based on the play of the same name, takes place in 1968 and tells the story of four Australian aboriginal girls who are plucked from obscurity by a talent scout (Chris O’Dowd) and packaged as the answer to The Supremes.  The Vietnam War era setting gives a slight anti-American, anti-imperialist edge to things while still keeping The Sapphires squarely in  the overcoming all obstacles (racial, cultural in particular) to success fable.   Framing the story about finding The Australian Dream in the wreck of The American Dream lends the trailer a bitter-sweet edge.

The women proudly claimed a form of the guy’s night out comedy for themselves in the recent trailer for That’s What She Said.  Now it’s the girl’s turn.  The To Do List lists has all the same bucket list items in the typical young male seeking to lose his virginity comedy plus the annoyance mixed with sweetness and rude comic sex situations and hopefully the PG-13 rating that will make it a teen girl guilty pleasure.  Rachel Bilson, Bill Hader, Andy Samberg, Scott Porter, Connie Britton, Clark Gregg, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Donald Glover, Johnny Simmons, Sarah Steele and Alia Shawkat co-star in the film which comes out Valentine’s Day 2013.


Anyone who is a fan of director Ben Wheatley’s sick little joke of a horror movie Kill List will like The Sightseers.  Bobcat Goldthwait explored this kind of roadtrip earlier this year in God Bless America, giving it a political edge that idled the movie into one note repetition.  Wheatley seems content to ditch the commentary and keep the deadpan.   But can he give the film variety?  The evidence seems to suggest that death becomes him.

Joe Dante has been looking for a film with Gremlins potential since 1990.  The Hole might be his delightful return to comic horror form.  Bottomless pit, curious kids and little tiny horrors sprouting from the hole that echo the kids’ deepest fears and provide for endless morbidly comic rifts of standard horror staples—sounds like the right formula.  If the mayhem starts because they got them wet and fed them after midnight, I’m in.

thats what she said poster

The red band trailer makes the three women (Anne Heche, Marcia Debonis, Alia Shawkat) look like three men on the prowl- a comedy starring women but with an abrasive style that tries to appeal to men.  The Anne Heche character seems to be fully into her man vibe.

The green band feature softens them and unfortunately “whines” them down, turning their hysterics into that unfortunate time of the month “period “piece.

Red Band trailer:

Green Band trailer:

Passion still photo

Noomi Rapace unique angular faciality and soft spoken English with hint of  her native Swedish lilt lets her wander both sides of the heroine/femme fatale line in the trailer for Passion, Brian De Palma’s Passion,  a remake of the Alaine Corneau french erotic thriller Love Crime a few years back about office politics that turns literally cutthroat.   Rachel McAdams plays the other side of the revenge and lust equation, with a freaky looking porcelain mask providing kinky accompaniment.  De Palma has both an erotic masterpiece (Dress to Kill) and a limp dud in (Femme Fatale) in his directing past.   As long as De Palma stays close to his Hitchcockian roots, the results are pretty entertaining.

Jennifer Garner channels Michelle Bachman in the semi-political satire Butter about Laura, a woman with political ambitions married to Bob (Ty Burrell), a butter sculptor champion par excel-lance but in an affair with stripper Tokyo Rose (Olivia Wilde).  Laura must keep her marriage together, her political ambitions alive, all while fending off a new child butter master (Yara Shahidi) challenging Bob  for the title of Butter champion.  Aside from cooking and Marlon Brando’s  ingenious use of the spread on Maria Schneider in Last Tango in Paris, this is the third best use of butter that I can think of.   Hugh Jackman shows up as a car salesman who takes a shine to Laura.  Opens limited in October.

New Looper Poster FullThe newest Looper poster finally gets real about the destructiveness of trying to kill your future self.  Parts of you just go up in smoke. Bruce Willis is the future self and Joseph Gordon Levitt the past ( or is it the present self?).  Experts in time travel theory– known as sci-fi writers and other directors who have done time travel movies– were consulted to make sure everything was logically fantastical.  Of course, no one as yet, has been able to see what the future has in store, but expect it to be more exciting than you think.   Watch your  hourglass for Looper’s premier approximately  864 flips from now.