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The Sessions- about a paraplegic who hires a sex surrogate for his first sexual encounter- wittily uses blurbs ejaculating from a clenched pencil.  Definitely this blogs winner for the most creative use of blurbs in 2012.

Double click the banner to see it in its full glory.

A slight update from the previous poster has the collector admiring The Collection.

The American Scream poster let’s you play where’s Waldo with all the horror icons on display.

Love the Margrite absurdest moment in this rather blah poster for The Details.

Matt Damon gets a quiet life changing non-fracking moment  in the Promised Land poster.

Love the symbolism here: these Stand Up Guys are mere shadows of their former selves.

Wreck It Ralph and friends bring their A game in the new poster.


Identity Thief directed by Seth Gordon stars Jason Bateman as an accounts rep who has a week to travel across the country and track down the con artist (Melissa McCarthy) who stole his identity. McCarthy embraces the full feminine side  this time overdoing the fou-fou hair and clown fashion choices to create a very funny version of Florida retiree style.  Her movie choices hopefully wont be reflected in her McCarthy fashion line coming out later this year.   The trailer is a little too full with some uncomfortable battle of the sexes slapstick and not enough character funny or wit.

Oldboy director Park Chan-wook‘s English-language debut Stoker centers on a young girl (Mia Wasikowska) who encounters her mysterious uncle (Matthew Goode) while mourning the death of her father (Dermot Mulroney). Chan-Wook gives the whole thing a twisted, creepy vibe that matches the lush visuals.  The Alfred Hitchcock echo is also intentional.  Writer Wentworth Miller has acknowledged that The Master’s Shadow Of A Doubt was the jumping off point for Stoker.


identity thief poster

Identity Thief  follows Diana (MelissaMcCarthy), a shopaholic who has been funding her expenses with the stolen credit card of one Sandy Bigelow Patterson (Jason Bateman). Of course, Bateman’s Patterson eventually finds his way down to Florida to confront McCarthy’s Diana over the purchases. This heavy weight comedy opens February 8th.

identity theft poster melissa mccarthy



Parker Posey doesn’t have a soft moment in the first trailer for Price Check.  Her character is like a too loud TV commercial that can’t be turned down.  And Eric Mabius (from Ugly Betty) is the man left looking for the remote.  Posey is a pricing/marketing executive for a grocery chain,  and Price Check follows her relationship with Mabius as he slowly gives into her temptation at the cost of his family life.